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My Military Family and Ancestors


American Revolution

John Cooper (1751-1819) Major Georgia Militia; wounded at Bulltown Swamp, 19 Nov 1778; also wounded at Four Holes, South Carolina, 15 April 1781. Cooper is my 5th great-grandfather on my paternal side and was from Liberty County, Georgia.


William Tiller (1757-1821) 12th Virginia Regiment.; enlisted at Valley Forge in 1778; fought in the siege at Charleston, South Carolina and Stoney Point, New York. Tiller is my 5th great-grandfather on my maternal side and was from Russell County, Virginia.


John Noble, Sr. (1763-1831) Private, 5th Pennsylvania Regiment of Foot, in Captain Charles McHenry's Company. John Noble is my 5th great-grandfather also on my maternal side.


John Tyler (1721-1804) Lt. Col. 6th Connecticut, 1st May to 10th Dec 1775 Lt. Col. 10th Continental Infantry, 1st Jan 1776; Col. 12th Aug-31st Dec 1776; Brigadier General Connecticut Militia, 1777-1778. John Tyler is my paternal 6th great-grandfather.


Samuel Coit (1708-1792) Colonel, 2nd Connecticut Militia; also fought in the French & Indian War (1755-1762). Samuel is my 6th great-grandfather on my paternal grandmother's side.


John Coit (1741-1808) Sergeant; marched on the Lexington Alarm. (Son of Samuel Coit). John is my 5th great-grandfather on my paternal grandmother's side.


John Chisholm (d. 1787) from South Carolina; my 6th great-grandfather on my paternal grandmother's side. He provided supplies for the Revolutionary Army.

William Lyons, my 5th great-grandfather who was born in County Londonderry, N. Ire., who came to America in 1772 and joined the American Revolution in August of 1776. Among the battles he fought was in Aug. 1776 on Staten Island (Cocklestown) , N. Y. in which the first Hessians were captured. In Nov. of 1776 he volunteered to go to Ft. Washington and during a skirmish he received a musket ball in his right thigh. He carried this in his body until his death in 1832 in Morgan (now Noble) County, Ohio. He served 2 enlistments on land with the 3rd being as a privateer in 1779 on the Ship Flora which sailed to the West Indies. Had he not been in hospital with the musket ball he would have joined his regiment and crossed with Gen. Washington across the Delaware.



War of 1812

Amos Bates (1795-?) Served in the 2nd Ohio Volunteers and Militia in Findlay's and Cosgreave's Regiments. Amos was from Pennsylvania before moving to Ohio and then to Iowa following the War. He was the husband of the 4th great-grandaunt on my mother's side.







War Between the States


William Floyd Chancellor (1842-1923) Served in the 14th Georgia Infantry Company A from Forsyth, Monroe County, Georgia. Fought at Williamsburg, Seven Pines, Mechanicsville, Gaines' Mill, Frazier's Farm, Malvern Hill, Battle of  Cedar Run, Second Battle of Bull Run, Battle of Harper's Ferry, Battle of  Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, and Spotsylvania Court House. He surrendered with the Army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox Court House on 9 April 1865. William Floyd is my paternal great-grandfather.


John Chancellor (1845-1863) Served in the 14th GA Infantry Co. A; was killed in Richmond, Virginia and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery there. John was a brother to William Floyd Chancellor and was my paternal great-uncle.


Thomas Jefferson Chancellor (1846-1912)  Served in the 14th GA Infantry Co. A; was captured 2 Apr 1865 at Petersburg, VA and released 24 Apr 1865. He was William Floyd's double first cousin and my 1st cousin 3times removed.


William J. Reavis (1835-1871) Served in the 14th GA Infantry Co. A; surrendered at Appomattox Court House, 9 Apr 1865. William was my gggreat-uncle and the uncle of William Floyd Chancellor.


Gilliam Allen (1840-1911) Served in the 13th Georgia Regiment; surrendered at Appomattox Court House, 9 Apr 1865. Gilliam was my great-granduncle.


Zachariah Allen (1839-1910)  Served in the 13th GA Regiment. Zachariah is also my great-granduncle.


Jeremiah Polk Allen (1846-1864); died 4 July 1864 in service. (Gilliam, Zachariah, and Jeremiah were all brothers to the wife of William Floyd Chancellor--my grandmother, Queen Elizabeth Allen).


John William Allen (1838-1918) Served in 61st Alabama Infantry, Co. A from Pike County, Alabama. He was the husband of Nancy Chancellor, aunt of William Floyd Chancellor, and uncle of Gilliam, Zachariah, and Jeremiah Allen.


Abraham Vaughan (1841-1912) Served in the 16th Virginia Cavalry, Company E;  served in Capt. H. Spurlock's Company of Ferguson's Battalion. He is my maternal 3rd great-grandfather.


Cornelius Decatur Rogers (1835-1917) Served in the 1st Georgia Infantry Co.'s K and G. He is my paternal 2nd great-grandfather.


John Francis Rogers (1845-1910) He served in the 1st Battalion Reserve Georgia Cavalry from Macon, Georgia. He was brother to Cornelius Decatur Rogers.


Daniel Pace McArthur (1815-1904) Fought in Company B, 2nd Battalion, Georgia Volunteer Infantry. He is my 2nd great-granduncle on my paternal grandmother's side.


Edwin Cooper Rogers (1843-1864) Fought in Company B, 2nd Battalion, Georgia Volunteer Infantry (Macon Volunteers). He is also my 2nd great-granduncle.


James Gustavous Rogers (1827-1862)Fought in Company B, 2nd Battalion, Georgia Volunteer Infantry (Macon Volunteers). He was killed in battle in Sharpsburg, Maryland.


Charles Henry Rogers (1831-1889) Fought in Company B, 2nd Battalion, Georgia Volunteer Infantry (Macon Volunteers). Charles was a brother to Edwin and James G. Rogers.


George Tyler Rogers, Jr. (1839-1891) Fought in Company B, 2nd Battalion, Georgia Volunteer Infantry (Macon Volunteers). George, Jr. was a brother to Edwin, James G., and Charles Henry.


William Ryder, Jr. (1819-1895)Private, Company B, 27th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Army of Tennessee, Bibb Grays or Rutland Grays. He was also on the muster rolls of Company C, 14th Battalion Georgia Infantry (State Guards) on 4 Aug  1863. This company was enrolled for six months for local defense, to serve in 1/4th of the State, Macon, the center. UDC records also show him a member of Company F, 6th Georgia  Militia. Union Prisoner of War records show that he was captured while member  of the 7th Regiment Georgia Militia on 4 Dec 1864 at Dorchester by the 3rd Cavalry Division.  He was in prison for 7 months at Point Lookout, Maryland.


Walter T. McArthur (1837-1894) Lieutenant, 7th Regiment, GA Militia; from Lumber City, Montgomery County, Georgia, he was the husband of my great-grandaunt.


John B. McArthur (1828-1863)2nd Lieutenant, Company H 20th Georgia; from Lumber City, Montgomery County, Georgia. Captured 15 August 1862, Williamsport; killed Chickamauga, Georgia 19 Sept 1863.


Addison C. McArthur (1848-1864) Pvt. 7th Regiment, Georgia Militia; from Lumber City, Montgomery County, Georgia.


Alexander Foster Lyons (1829-1870); Mustered in at Camp Chase, Columbus, Ohio; served in Company H, 161st Regiment of the Ohio National Guard Infantry for 100 days. Alexander is my 3rd great-grandfather on my mother's side.


George B. Lyons (1832-1863); Served in Company K, 30th Ohio Infantry; was captured at Vicksburg, Mississippi where he later died of typhoid fever. He is my 3rd great-granduncle on my mother's side. George and Alexander Lyons were brothers.




Spanish-American War

Jefferson Revis (Reavis) Chancellor (1877-1952); Texas; son of Thomas Jefferson Chancellor and Elizabeth Cornelia Shaw. He was born in Cotton Valley, Louisiana and died in Comanche County,Texas.


James Murchison Rogers (1868-1958); Savannah, Georgia. Son of Cornelius Decatur Rogers and Mary Ellen Murchison. Buried at Laurel Grove Cemetery, Savannah, Georgia. (My 2nd great-uncle through my father's maternal line.)





World War I

James Donald Ryder (1895-1982);U.S. Army; "Uncle Donald" was my paternal grandmother's brother. He was born in Perry, Houston County, GA and died in Hiawassee, Georgia.


Cornelius Rogers Ryder (1896-1928); U.S. Army; "Uncle Neil" enlisted with the Savannah  Volunteer Guards at the outbreak of the war, went oversees and served until the armistice.  He was born in Savannah, GA, died in Oteen, North Carolina, but was buried in Savannah, Georgia in Bonaventure Cemetery. He was a brother to Uncle Donald.


Rogers Murchison Wilson (1891-1929)Was assigned to the 118th Infantry of the First  Division, U. S. Army and these troops were the vanguard of the Division. They sailed for France 11 June 1917. He was severely wounded in action near Soissons 21 July 1918. He  received the American Distinguished Service Cross and was twice decorated with the French Croix de Guerre. He was a graduate of Virginia Military Institute and attained the rank of Captain. He died in Fort Oglethorpe, GA leaving no descendants. His mother Tallulah Rogers was a sister of Cornelius Decatur Rogers.




World War II

James Rogers Chancellor (1920-1987); Served in the U. S. Army in Lansing, Michigan. "Uncle Jim" was my dad's  brother and lived in Macon, Georgia.


Reavis Floyd Chancellor (1922-2007); Served in the Army Air Corp as an engineer on B-29's. "Uncle Reavis" was also my dad's brother and lived in North Charleston, South Carolina.


Horace Clinton Holley (1920-2003); Served in the U. S. Navy first as a Yeoman, then as a Ltjg. He received his first commission during the War and later retired as a Captain following service in Korea and Vietnam as well. Ships he served on: USS Erie, USS Niagara Falls,  USS Forrest Sherman, USS Colonial, USS Blackwood, USS Staten Island, USS Renville,USS Purdy. "Uncle Clint" lived in Annandale, Virginia and was the husband of my dad's sister, Lula Chancellor Holley.


William Young Chancellor (1918-1993) Served in the U. S. Army. William is my 1st cousin once removed. He lived and is buried in New York.


Henderson Haigler Ryder (b.1921) Served in the U. S. Army. Henderson is my also my 1st cousin once removed.


James Donald Ryder, Jr. (b.1926)Served in the U. S. Army. James, Jr. is a brother to Henderson. They are nephews of my paternal grandmother.


Lewis Glenn Bowdoin, Sr. (1922-1998) Served in the U. S. Navy and was in the Army National Guard at Fort Benning, Georgia prior to the War. "Bill" was married to Margaret Chancellor--sister to my Dad--and had 5 children: Carolyn Malphrus, David Bowdoin, Glenn Bowdoin, Jr., Kenny Bowdoin, and Ellen Bowdoin.




Korean War

Zebbie Lomus Chancellor, Jr. (1933-2019); my dad served in the United States Navy in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii as a torpedoman's mate. He served from 1950 to 1954.



Vietnam War

Robert "Bob" Lewin (b. 1955); served in the U. S. Navy 1974-1994 [Vietnam, Cold War, Desert Storm] (Bob is the husband of my first cousin, Ellen Bowdoin Lewin)

Kenneth Rogers Bowdoin (1948-1990); served in the U. S. Army, 1967-1970. Kenny was a brother to David and Glenn Bowdoin. Kenny was wounded in Vietnam, spent time in a hospital in Japan before being transferred to Korea. He was eligible for a Purple Heart for injuries sustained in Vietnam.

David Allen Bowdoin (b. 1943); served in the U. S. Navy, 1961-1965, David is my 1st cousin (my dad's sister Margaret Chancellor Bowdoin's son).


Lewis Glenn Bowdoin (b. 1946); served in the U. S. Navy, 1964-1968. Glenn is a brother to David, Kenny, and Ellen Bowdoin.


Richard Lee Chancellor (b. 1946); served in the U. S. Air Force Reserves for 15 years. Richard is my 1st cousin, son of Reavis F. Chancellor.


William Floyd Chancellor II (b. 1948); served in the U. S. Air Force 1968-1974. Floyd is a brother to Richard.



Cold War

Douglas Neil Chancellor (b. 1963); served in Nuclear Submarine Service on the USS Parche in the United States Navy. Douglas is my brother.




Andrew Harold Scott (1963-1999); served in the Navy SEALS. Andrew was my 1st  cousin (my Dad's sister Amma Chancellor Crum's son)



Operation Iraqi Freedom

Joshua Lewin (b. 1981); served in U. S. Army 2005-2009 (Joshua is the son of Bob and Ellen Bowdoin Lewin; Ellen's mother was Margaret Chancellor Bowdoin, my Dad's sister)




William Crum (1929-2014); served in U. S. Army National Guard for 41 1/2 years. He was the husband of my dad's sister, Amma Chancellor Crum.



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